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At the recent Events FAD 2010[1], a group of Fedora contributors came together to plan the future process for premier event planning in Fedora. During this event planning conference, we looked back on the success we had with our events in 2009 by providing more and easier ways for the community to get involved in their planning and execution. Well in advance of each event, any contributors are invited to submit short, informative location bids for holding the next FUDCon in their region. The information needed for a bid is easy to gather, and is defined on the wiki page[2].

To make the premier Fedora event planning process as open and transparent as possible, we have a bid process for FUDCon, described on the wiki at:


Premier Fedora events include the Fedora Users and Developers Conference (FUDCon), and are fully described on the Fedora wiki as well:


We are opening this bid process now for the North American FUDCon that is to occur between December 2010 and February 2011. Any interested parties are invited to submit their bids. Once a bid is ready, please send an email to the fudcon-planning list:

We look forward to seeing your proposals!

/s/ for the FUDCon planning team

[1] [[Events_FAD_2010]]