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There was some concern on the fudcon-planning mailing list:

  • Increase of prices if the event is at the same time that the OWF 1

=> There are a lot of event in Paris in Sept-Oct, we just have to ask for quote quickly (I expected them to be more expensive, got nice result)

  • Concern about having the OWF and FUDCon at the same time in the same place 2.

=> At first we thought that the FUDCon has to be done with an other FOSS event (we should update the wiki page). That's more interesting about our Friends foundation. But yes, we could be exploded in many talks. Dunno, I know personally where I want to be − At home with Fedora contributors! We will for sure meet interesting guys have have external contributions. Moreover, we will have at least one FUDCon only day (on Sunday).