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Fedora Users and Developers Experience - Perú 2010

Fedora Users and Developers Experience - Perú 2010


  • Gather in one place all the highest contributors from Perú
  • Give lectures to Perú students about how to join and help the Fedora Project
  • Organice the new structure in the Fedora Peru Community


  1. Location: Lima
  2. Date: August. 27-28
  3. Schedule
  • Participants arrive at August, 26
  • Participants leave at August, 29


  • Trips
# Nombre Pais Expositor Obs
1 Antonio Sallés Chile X plain ticket $ 370 - Hotel $ 75 - Food and transportation $ 60
2 Hans Buchelli Perú X Hotel $ 75 - Bus Ticket(roundtrip) $ 30 - Food and transportation $ 40
3 Edgar Vargas Perú X Hotel $ 75 - Bus Ticket(roundtrip) $ 50 - Food and transportation $ 40
  • Marketing
# Item Cant Cost
DVD/sobres 200 90$
CD/sobres 200 70$
Stickers/Volantes 1000 120$
t-shirt/polo 100 530$
Banner 2 50$
  • Total: 865 $
  • NOTE: This event can be done with only Perú people, costs will reduce to 360$


# Nombre Charla Duración
1 Henry Anchante Proyecto Fedora 1 hora
2 Hernan Pachas Fedora y OLPC 1 hora
3 Mario Lacunza 1 hora
4 Julio Yupanqui Seguridad con Fedora 1 hora

Web Event

What is FudExp?

FudExp - Fedora Users & Developers Experience. FudExp is an experience where you will get an apprenticeship in which they acquire new skills, knowledge skills and experience that the Fedora Project is aimed at all students of Systems, in FudExp conference is not only a shop trolley where you can clarify your doubts, knowledge achieved in this experience will be like having a kind of Free Software with the Fedora Project.

Planning Team

FudExp Lima is still in the planning stage.
To participate in this event is only necessary to join the [add link inscrciones] distrubution list.

The planning team of Lima FudExp:

Event Details

FudExp will be held in the auditorium of the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Informatics, Institute Tecnologico Superior de Lima Jose Pardo [IST Jose Pardo] the 28th of August, in Lima, Peru.

Tip Tourism to Peru

National Currency (Sun)

Peru's currency is the Sol (the God of the Incas), its symbol is S /. There are coins in circulation in six denominations: 0.5 1, 2 and 5. Tickets are available in denominations of 10.00, 20.00, 50.00, 100.00 and 200.00. More info on The relationship between G and one U.S. dollar (USD) ranges from S /. 2.80, while one euro (€) is between S /. 3.40.

At the airport - Jorge Chavez

Avoid loud ads or offering to transport via taxi. To move to the center of the city you can choose the alternative of buses by Elmer Faucett Avenue that reach the heart of the city best known as a center of Lima, can take only Yellow Taxi or say Metropolitano.


Lima Banks are open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 hours run. as in gasoline service stations. Most of them are open 24 hours and are usually very busy.


Theft of wallets and assaults often occur occasionally, but they are a problem only in major cities. in the City of Lima (Cercado) there are many tourist attractions and is always quite agglomerated by tourists, so that security is a permanent 24-hour, try not to get away from tourist sites.


Lima is located in one of the most seismically active regions in the world (Nazca Plate), so you may experience one or two low-intensity quakes in your sight. Most are not strong and even imperceptible, but every decade provides a strong earthquake. The safest place in case earthquake is under the door frame.

, Cost of Living Compared with other Latin American countries in Lima you will find domestic products of good quality and good price are export products, the food is very comfortable and have a variety of typical dishes Gourmet, something you should not miss is to test your Ceviche, Pollo a la Brasa. However, all services, public transportation, restaurants are pretty simple cheaper than in industrial countries.


The weather in Lima is 98% humidity, this season's winter so it sujiere bring moderate coat, something you should know is that in Peru you will find all climates, on the North Trujillo, Chiclayo, Piura and Tumbes round sunshine the year and full beach in the mountains you will find at this time cold summer night, on the north to Ica and Nazca sun all year, Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna Limeño climate much like that.

Emergency Telephones

Ambulance 105 / Fire: 109 / Police: 105


The country code for calling +51 Lima. In almost all towns and cities you can find Internet cafes, in addition to Internet service call centers Telefonica, Movistar and Claro. Most hotels also provide Internet service.

Air travel

Check prices directly and prices depend on date. Purchase tickets in advance to get cheaper, and that during the month of July is high season and much of Lima will be celebrating Independence Day.

Travel by land

North borders with Ecuador and Colombia Southern Chile and Bolivia Centre in Brazil income from land in both cases from North and South is over 1200 KM to Lima.

Best ask Orientation

If you need guidance on a hotel, contact mobility and help you get according to your needs and whether they are groups, we can talk to the hotels for group fares.


The event has no budget for the moment we have proposed a FudExp day, according to as registration and speakers this could be extended even one more day being on Friday 27 and Saturday August 28, 2010, any financial support or material is welcome.

Total budget: