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FUEL GILT Conference 2014


Date : 14-15 Nov 2014 Location : Pune, India

Event Description

FUELGILT is the largest event of FOSS language technology - its challenges, solutions, best practices and its conventions. FUEL GILT Conference is all about language technology world, all about GILT industry - G11N, I18N, L10N, and translation world. The event is showcase of the efforts of volunteer communities and different organizations in the field of language technology.

Schedule information

Event Owners

Rajesh Ranjan <rajesh672 AT gmail DOT com>

Ankitkumar Patel <ankit AT redhat DOT com>

Chandrakant Dhutadmal <chandrakantd AT cdac DOT in>

Fedora Representatives

Event Schedule

  • Paper Submission: Ends Sep 29, 2014
  • Program Schedule: Opens Oct 1, 2014
  • Registration: Opens Oct 1, 2014


  • Target audience is "Localization Industry".
  • Talk on points "Fedora is a delight for doing localization".
  • Someone should propose talk on "How Fedora operating system is FUEL Compliant", mostly from L10N team can help.
  • Distribute Fedora goodies for people accepting to do some activity for Fedora, either spread Fedora word or complete some small Fedora competition. etc.
  • Final
    • Selected workshop: "Fedora: Dictionary creation, packaging and testing workshop"
    • Tshirt for contributors: "Fedora: Language computing delight"

Important Deadlines

  • Activities plan must be ready by 05 Oct 2014

Event Budget

  • Approved budget for 23 Tshirts on ticket .

Travel Subsidy Requests

  • No Fedora member traveling from abroad.

Event Report

Blogs: Activities At FUELGILT conference.

Event report: On Fedora Ambassador mailing list



Event Report
Please use this section to document and report about the event. Nice things to see in this section are blog posts about the event, pictures from the event, and anything else that might be valuable to showing the success of our participation in the event. If there were any "lessons learned" or problems that others might benefit from seeing please do include those here too. Some general information about report expectations can be found on the Event Reports page.