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This page show the progression of the screens with the anticipated artwork. The goal is to provide a visual review of the various processes.

      • This is preliminary ***

Fedora Story Board

Screen Number 1

BIOS Boot Screen

~-* Will vary from manufacturer to manfacturer.-~

Fc7ThemeProposalFlyingHighStoryBoardFedora 0bootMockup-121561.png

Screen Number 2

GRUB Boot Screen

Fc7ThemeProposalFlyingHighStoryBoardFedora 2grubMockup-121761.png

Screen Number 3

Fedora kernel load

Fc7ThemeProposalFlyingHighStoryBoardFedora 3bootFedora-121561.png

Screen Number 4

Red Hat Graphical Boot

Fc7ThemeProposalFlyingHighStoryBoardFedora 4rhgb-121661.png

Screen Number 5

Gnome login

Fc7ThemeProposalFlyingHighStoryBoardFedora 5gdm-121661.png

Screen Number 6


Fc7ThemeProposalFlyingHighStoryBoardFedora 6background-121761.png