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Étoilé is a desktop environment built on top of GNUstep. The goal of this feature is to have Étoilé packaged, and possibly also provide a spin based on it.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 16
  • Last updated: (05/24/2011 Tuesday May 24th of the year 2011)
  • Percentage of completion: 0%

Detailed Description

Benefit to Fedora

This brings new use to the GNUStep files newly packaged to Fedora 14. This also would deliver a nice appearance upon a firm backend, which would act as further incentive to create GNUStep compliant applications.


The main GNUstep building blocks have already been packaged. Étoilé depends on LLVM as well, and Fedora currently has the latest stable LLVM version shipping with each release.

How To Test

Chose a particular version of Étoilé is chosen to be packaged; this can be rolling svn for now since stability won't be a problem till incorporation into a Fedora release becomes feasible. Firstly, packages of Étoilé need to be built and submitted to koji. From there admittance into a Fedora release and/or creation of a Fedora spin based on Étoilé, Window Manager, and GNUStep.

User Experience

This will be a benefit to the U.E. It creates a new "environment" for applications to be viewed. If a spin is released then the U.E. will be significantly changed.


GNUStep, C/gcc, & Window Manager are its prime dependencies. libpng, zlib, OniGuruma 5.0 or higher, D-Bus 1.0 or higher, HAL, startup-notification, Xcursor, XScreenSaver, LLVM, Lemon, GMP, PostgreSQL 8.3 or higher, OSS, TagLib, & libmp4v2 are its minor dependencies. (libavcodec & libavformat A.K.A. ffmpeg are prerequisites for MediaKit -> will need to be packaged on rpmfusion)

With concern to LLVM, if Fedora goes to btrfs and drops LLVM as the basic setting in the installer then LLVM might not be available in the repositories. This may cause a problem if btrfs becomes the default before Étoilé has been packaged &/or spun.

Contingency Plan

None necessary. If the feature is complete then it can be advertised in comps.xml; if not then we'll continue adding the packages to the Fedora repositories and retarget to the next release. The next stable release, as of 05/24/2011, is version 0.4.2, but it has yet to be released even though it was supposed to have been released (


Release Notes

Étoilé is an user environment based upon GNUStep. It enhances the user's experience when using GNUStep-type applications. It provides artwork, application management, and additions to GNUStep.

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