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Improve speed of bootup and shutdown

  • Last modified: [[Date(2007-01-03T20:23:23Z)]
  • Owners: BillNottingham, DavidZeuthen, DaveJones, ChrisBlizzard
  • Targeted release:

Current status

  • Will not be included in F7 (16-APR-07)


Make Fedora boot and shut down faster.

Usage cases/rationale

While Xerxes appreciates that he can grab a cup of coffee while waiting for his Fedora system to boot, it becomes annoying when he is not actually thirsty.


Test Plan

Profile boot of FC6 and F7, make sure there are significant improvements.



We do enough Stupid Stuff that we can make easy improvements to startup and shutdown time without large systemic changes. Includes: tagging of scripts that don't need shut down, profiling of boot, potential changes to how we organize disk blocks, and more.

  1. do less stuff.
    • Why are we starting so many things up during boot?
    • Do I need to be running a smartcard daemon on a system with no smartcard reader?
    • Do I need a bluetooth service on a system with no bluetooth?
  2. Turn off SSHd as default and change config file to not allow direct root log in!

etc etc

  1. do less stuff.
    • For the apps that we *do* need to start up, make them behave properly instead of opening gazillions of files pointlessly.
    • More IO tracing work needed here to find the latest round of bad juju. (It's a different set of culprits every release).
  2. minimise contention.
    • Instead of having everything competing for disk bandwidth during startup, we could have say.. cups start up, and do nothing for a while, and when the disk becomes idle, /then/ do its IO pulling in configs etc.
    • The set_ioprio syscalls added a few kernels back may also be interesting.

Does Not Include: init system changes



  • BastienNocera: how about removing useless services from the shutdown runlevel. Many services are stopped that don't actually need to be handled any better than with kill.
  • (notting) I've prototyped this; you can cut shutdown roughly in half with this and some other tweaks. It gets slightly messy because you need to retain backwards compatiblity, though.