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Fedora repository currently has many databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and SQlite, this feature will provide a way that use any applications (for example Roundcubemail) with any databases in Fedora.


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Detailed Description

Many applications in repo can support multi databases, but prior to Fedora 19, many apps only set the default database dependency as MySQL. This is wrong, because they can work properly even with PostgreSQL and SQLite. Following list contains the reasons why the particular package needs httpd and how to fix it:

Benefit to Fedora

  • Ability to install various web applications without pulling mariadb as a dependency if it's not needed.
  • Maintainers are able to add support for more databases in their packages.


  1. Discuss this feature with web servers maintainers in Fedora and get consensus on shared group name, add this group to Fedora and use it in web servers.
  2. Change configuration of lighttpd and nginx to be able to load config files from particular directory.
  3. Fix affected packages as described in Details.

Affected packages

How To Test

User Experience

  • Admins are able to use applications with any databases they want.
  • Maintainers are able to add support for more databases in their packages.


Only those described in Scope.

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