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Fedora Developer Spin

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"Fedora Developer Spin" is a Feature for Fedora 10.

For Fedora 10's release, "Fedora Developer Spin" targets to include the most common and useful development tools.

It introduces

  • GCC Toolset
  • Java Development
  • Web Development
  • X/Gtk Development
  • Eclipse/Ajunta
  • Version control tools

It is intended for Developers, Students and Hobbyists for common development purposes.


Benefit to Fedora

Fedora provides one of the largest development tools collection, The Developer Spin aims to put together various developments tools to help the large developer community using Fedora.

A Developer Spin also saves time for Students who are looking for particular development environment.

User Experience

  • A complete development environment setup out of the box.
  • Multiple choices for different users.
  • Varied range of development tools.
  • Eclipse
  • LAMP Stack
  • GUI Development
  • Java Development


Release Notes

With this release, the Fedora Collection entails a complete Development Environment setup with reliable open source design/develop tools in order to meet one's requirements to keep one in pace with current technological race.


SCM tools bazaar bzr cogito cvs2cl cvsutils git mercurial monotone quilt

IDEs eclipse anjuta anjuta-docs codeblocks pida

General developer tools virtualization ElectricFence alleyoop crash dejagnu dogtail elfutils-devel emacs emacs-el expect frysk-gnome gconf-editor gettext-devel gnuplot hexedit inkscape intltool lynx maven2 mutt scons sharutils socat sox sysprof tcp_wrappers-devel tcsh texi2html xchat

RPM/Fedora-specific tools createrepo koji livecd-tools mock rpmdevtools rpmlint

Web mysql httpd ruby web-development x-software-development