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Echo Icon theme


Make Echo Icon Theme default icon set for Fedora.


  • Name: Luya Tshimbalanga, Martin Sourada

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora ??
  • Last updated: (2008-10-25)
  • Percentage of completion: 0%
  • Available in a distribution for a number of releases (non-default)

Detailed Description

Echo Icon Theme (echo-icon-theme) is a set of icons designed to be a modern looking, usable and system-wide icon set. It started as a personal project until the community took over. It is basically a successor of Bluecurve but it uses similar metaphors like Tango!, Mango!, Gnome Icon Theme and Oxygen.

Benefit to Fedora

A unique set of icons that combines elegance and usability.


Echo-icon-theme is also available on Rawhide as pre-0.4 version.


  • Revise Echo Icon Theme Guidelines
    • Decide on used projections - check what other icon themes are using, check the options we have, compare them, decide what would work best
    • Prepare various templates
  • Create graphical interface for the echo-artist scripts
  • Prepare comprehensive todo list for icons we need to create or fix based on usage of icons in various Fedora Spins
    • Are all icons following the guidelines and Echo style? Are all icons consistent?
  • Create/fix icons based on the todo list
  • Work with upstream where various application icons are not themable
  • Enable in basic Fedora Spins

Test Plan

  • Install/Update echo-icon-theme from rawhide (yum --enable-repo=rawhide install echo-icon-theme)
  • Look for misrendered / missing icons and inconsistences

User Experience

Users will have a fresh look of the icons designed specially for Fedora.


  • gnome-icon-theme (in repos)

Contingency Plan

Stay with Mist/Oxygen icon theme.


Release Notes


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