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Requirements for Koji update (scope includes livecds and a few other use cases beyond this feature)


  • support livecds
  • support appliance creation
    • raw
    • qcow2
    • vmdk
  • kickstart file describes intended result
  • anaconda drives base install
  • can't rely on nested virt as we need to run on rhel6
  • allows flexible permission so arbitrary fedora contributors can do test builds


  • build from scratch
  • complete within chroot
  • python api / easy integration


  • bare metal builders
  • LiveCD story for ImageFactory/Oz
  • kickstarts into ImageFactory
  • disk & partition images
  • ensure image-minimizer works

Deliverables per Release

  • spice in ec2
  • print to kindle
  • openstack image / generic kvm
  • ec2 disk/partition image
  • livecds
  • derivative images