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Konkani (Devanāgarī: कोंकणी; Roman: Konknni; Kannada: ಕೊಂಕಣಿ; Malayalam: കൊങ്കണി; IAST: koṃkaṇī) is an Indo-Aryan language belonging to the Indo-European family of languages spoken in the Konkan coast of India. It has approximately 7.6 million speakers of its two individual languages, Konkani and Goan Konkani.

Konkani is the official language in the state of Goa and is also one of the Official languages of India. Konkani does not have a unique script. Scripts of the other regional languages where its speakers inhabit are used. Devanagari has been mandated as the official script.


Add Konkani language technical(i18n) support to the latest upstream Fedora by localizing all applications/packages of Fedora & solve the i18n issues related to Konkani.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 10
  • Fonts: Based on Devanagari
  • Input Methods: Based on Devanagari
  • Locale Definition: Not Available
  • Translations: Not Initiated

Detailed Description

Since Devanagari is an official script for Konkani, it is possible to support this language technically as Devanagari is already a supported script. Major work from i18n perspective would be to ensure the locale definition, fonts addition and input methods for this language which would be based on other Devanagari fonts and IMs.

Benefit to Fedora

Adding one new language will create a community of fedora users from that particular language speaking people. It will be an encouraging step for Konkani audience for fedora. Eventually, it may attract developers/translators to work for fedora.


Requires technical(i18n) support for the language to be established along with translation work to attain a complete localization support for this language. There is no team registered on GNOME for Konkani.

Test Plan

1. Solve all i18n related issues 2. Localize existing fedora essential modules

User Experience

Users will be able to use their language on fedora. Initially the UI will not be available completely in the native language, but still basic functionality, such as input(typing) and output(display) will be available which will be helpful in further developments.


Contingency Plan

Not yet


Not yet

Release Notes

Comments and Discussion

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