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Laptop Information


Restart the Laptop SIG at SIGs/Laptop


  • Name: FlorianLaRoche

Current status

  • Targeted release: N/A
  • Last updated:
  • Percentage of completion: 01%

Detailed Description

The Laptop SIG has not been active for a long time. Re-start it with detailed laptop information and conduct a laptop testing during Fedora 9 beta.

Benefit to Fedora

The percentage of laptop users is constantly going up and Fedora should have an active SIG to track current new developments within the Linux community.


  • Re-write SIGs/Laptop with
  • Information on how to test most functionality of a Laptop: hardware settings, how to activate special devices, status/stability of device support.
  • Aid with hardware specific hardware config settings.
  • Give pointers to new development related to laptops.
  • Conduct laptop tests together with the community to get information collected on many different laptop models. Should be based on a detailed test plan.

Test Plan

1. Review the laptop SIG on how active it is. 1. Check on the number of laptops being reviewed.

User Experience

1. Easier hardware configuration for Fedora users. 1. Improve default settings within Fedora for laptop users over time. 1. Think about better auto configuration possibilities for Fedora over time.


  • Depends on kernel and graphics driver state before detailed testing of many laptop models should commence.
  • No dependency on getting the laptop SIG page prepared and updated.

Contingency Plan

  • No contingency plan, this should only improve laptop support.


  • SIGs/Laptop

Release Notes

Not known yet, maybe we can add laptop related information into the Fedora release notes as result of the machine tests.