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LightDM is a very nice desktop manager that should replace the current gdm in spins that don't have a native desktop manager.


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Current status

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Detailed Description

LightDM is very, very lightweight. In fact, gdm is larger by an order of magnitude! These metrics don't include the dependencies; while gdm relies on several hefty GNOME libraries, LightDM does not share such a limitation, even counting the default theme alongside it. In addition, LightDM is well-known for its theme abilities which make it very appealing. gdm lacks theming completely. Ubuntu Linux and all of its official derivatives uses LightDM as its display manager.

Benefit to Fedora

Smaller install size in spins Improved user experience Improved maintainability


How To Test

User Experience

They can write their own login themes or use one that is available. On applying a login theme, they will see the gnome login theme in the user login screen as soon as the system boots.


Contingency Plan


Release Notes

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