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Ease Of Use: System Management with OpenLMI


Add providers and capabilites to the OpenLMI infrastructure that would ease the remote system management.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 19
  • Last updated: 2013-05-09
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

Detailed description

The OpenLMI project provides a common infrastructure for the management of Linux systems. The goal is to add the missing parts that would enable remote management of a Fedora system:

  • Complete the CIM storage API to allow for a better remote storage management
  • Add a new provider and extend the existing ones to allow for a remote hardware information retrieval (HW inventory)
  • Add a new provider that would allow for a remote AD/Kerberos realms enrollment
  • Improve the software management in OpenLMI to allow for a comprehensive remote package management
  • Add and improve the remote system monitoring using OpenLMI
  • Improve the OpenLMI Shell to allow for a quick and easy scriptable remote management
  • Allow to use OpenLMI under selinux enforcing policy
  • Possibly add providers to allow management also other system parts: Containers, SELinux, SCAP scans, performance monitoring

Benefit to Fedora

It's going to be easier to manage and monitor a remote Fedora system.


OpenLMI providers and tools, the CIMOMS (tog-pegasus, sblim-sfcb), SBLIM providers

How To Test

Test suite would be provided with the OpenLMI project.

User Experience

The sysadmins will get a better infrastructure for a remote systems maintenance and monitoring.


Many of the planned features depend on the development of the other components: Anaconda's Blivet library, realmd, firewalld, NetworkManager; in the case those would not contain the required features we are not able to create a management infrastructure above them.

Contingency Plan

The sub-features are rather isolated: at worst only a part of the functionality would be delivered. This would have no impact on any other Fedora component.


Provided in the packages and on the OpenLMI project pages.

Release Notes

The OpenLMI infrastructure has been greatly improved: new storage API, monitoring, hardware information, realmd, firewall providers were added. Improvements in the existing providers.

Comments and Discussion