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Enhancements are:

  1. Less documented improvements to a Fedora release which do follow the feature process and do not fit the feature definition below.
  2. Added to the release summary by anyone under heading of Other Enhancements. The release summary for each release lives in the following namespace:


Definition of a Feature

A feature is defined as a significant change or enhancement to the version of Fedora currently under development that may or may not include new packages.

Features are usually considered to meet one or more of the following objectives:

  1. highly user visible changes (beyond artwork or theme changes)
  2. improvements or changes that require non-trivial cross-package integration
  3. exciting new capabilities we can trumpet fedora having--some of this is good public relations. Some examples might include:
    • work Fedora contributors are doing upstream as part of their work for Fedora
    • new features from upstream that we are making available in the Fedora for the first time
    • improvements that are Fedora specific. Example from past releases include the Core and Extras Merge and smolt
  4. significant enough that if not completed properly or without a proper backup plan could delay the release
  5. noteworthy enough to call out in the release notes

Still Not Sure?

Start with this checklist:

  1. Is your package included in the default install of one of the main spins?
  2. Is your package the default application of its type?
  3. Is your package involved in the building of the entire distro? For example, rpm, gcc, glibc, etc.
  4. Are there a large number of packages that depend on your package that will be affected by an upgrade/change/etc ?
  5. Are you trying to promote this package as a Feature for publicity reasons?
  6. Does your package enable something that is highly end-user visible. For example, magically working wireless, push button pony making, etc.

If yes to any of the above, please create a Feature page. If no, or you are still unsure, ask one of your FESCo representatives and they will guide you.