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ROS Fuerte


ROS, the Robot Operating System, is quickly becoming the preferred environment for open-source robotics development. In an effort to provide the best in robotics development tools to the Fedora community, we aim to provide the latest ROS release, codename Fuerte, in Fedora 18.


  • Email: <richmattes at gmail dot com>

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 18
  • Last updated: 2012-06-18
  • Percentage of completion: 0%

Detailed Description

ROS is currently a source-only distribution, with packages provided directly by the ROS community to Ubuntu users. We aim to provide seamless integration into Fedora as well, by streamlining the install process. Source installation

Benefit to Fedora


ROS Fuerte depends on the packaging and review of at least the base ROS system. We aim to provide the full "Desktop Install" experience by packaging all of the included ROS stacks. We also aim to provide extra functionality, such as hardware drivers, simulators, and robot platform support.

ROS integration progress is being tracked at the Robotics SIG's SIGs/Robotics/ROS_Packaging page.

How To Test

  • Users without any particular robot hardware should be able to install the ROS packages, and then run example tutorials and simulations outilined in the ROS tutorials page.
  • Developers without any robot hardware should be able to install ROS and its development packages, and follow the tutorials on the website. Any pre-exisiting code should compile against the Fedora-provided ROS packages.
  • Devlopers working with third-party stacks should be able to do so without any noticable differences from using ROS installed from source

User Experience

New and current ROS users should experience regular updates to their ROS environment. They should no longer worry about satisfying third-party library conflicts with system-installed libraries and binaries. They also no longer have to track down dependencies missing or incompatible with system-wide installations.


See the SIGs/Robotics/ROS_Packaging page for a full list of RPMS that need to be introduced or modified for ROS

Contingency Plan

A working ROS stack is wholly dependent on satisfying build issues with system libraries, and on getting all of the packages reviewed in time for the release of Fedora 18. If the ROS stack is not completely included, Fedora will be released with whatever packages were reviewed in time. No contingency or roll-back plan is required.


This feature is being organized from within the Robotics SIG and is being coordinated from the SIG's mailing list and wiki pages. Interested developers can check out the list archives, the wiki page, and help to package and review

Release Notes

ROS, the Robot Operating System, is quickly emerging as the premier software platform for open-source robotics development. Its large community, coperate backing, and open licensing have created an environment where industry and academia are collaborating and improving the state of the art in robot algorithms and control. Fedora 18 now includes the latest release of ROS, ROS Fuerte, for the Fedora community. Fedora users now have the option of downloading and installing a working ROS stack directly from the Fedora repositories.

The Fedora Robotics Spin is als now a fully functional live environment for ROS testing and development. It includes the full ROS stack, as well as other popular robotics software packages and development tools.

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