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Realmd FreeIPA Support


realmd currently supports discovery and configuring of Active Directory domains. With this feature it will also include support for FreeIPA domains.


Current status

Detailed Description

realmd is an on demand system DBus service, which allows callers to configure network authentication and domain membership in a standard way. realmd discovers information about the domain or realm automatically and does not require complicated configuration in order to join a domain or realm.

realmd will be able to be used with FreeIPA. Current GUI and CLI tools that use realmd to join Active Directory domains will now be able to seamlessly join FreeIPA domains as well.

Benefit to Fedora

This builds on further work in the Fedora 18 Active Directory Integration feature, and is part of making realmd the standard simple place integration point for configuring network authentication.


realmd already is able to discover FreeIPA domains. realmd will have work done to be able to join, configure and deconfigure a FreeIPA domain. The freeipa-client tool will need a few bug fixes in order to be able to work seamlessly with realmd.

How To Test

Further test documentation coming.

  • Use the command 'realm join' to join a FreeIPA domain.
  • Use the GNOME Control Center to join a FreeIPA domain.

User Experience

The user/administrator will have a standard way to join and configure both Active Directory and FreeIPA domains.


  • realmd
  • freeipa-clients
  • sssd

Contingency Plan

None necessary, revert to previous release behaviour.


Some documentation exists here, and further documentation will be written:

Release Notes

  • It is now possible to simply configure a client to use a FreeIPA domain for authentication by using the Control Center, Kickstart or command line.

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