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Record Computer Screen


Give users a built-in application to easily record their computer screen.


I am not able to implement this feature because my C++ coding skills are weak, but I am learning it on the side of my school work. I need someone to volunteer to make this possible. If you would like to do this send me a message so I can say I have someone willing to implement this. Then this feature can be a possible option. I need you! :)

Current Status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 13
  • Last updated: November 30, 2009

Detailed Description

Provide a built-in application that allows the user to record their computer screen. This application should come with some additional options; e.g. "Show mouse cursor", "Record active window", "Show window border" and a video record quality (resolution) selection. (This was inspired by the already available ability to take snapshots of your computer screen.)

Benefit to Fedora

This would give users a simple solution to recording their screen for whatever purpose they need.


What is proposed for creation:

  • A build in screen recording application
  • Options like what I said earlier in the "Detailed Description"
  • Default file extension to be ".ogv" (what I would like, depends on implementer)


  • Have an option in ABRT (automatic bug reporting tool) to record the screen to further explain the bug that will be submitted

How to Test

Not available because this feature has no implementation.

User Experience

This will enhance user experience through simplicity and convenience.


If not completed in time continue implementation for Fedora 14.


None yet.

Release Notes

Not available because there is no current implementation of this feature.