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Xserver 1.6


The X server in F11 has been updated to 1.6.


  • Name: AdamJackson, KristianHoegsberg, DaveAirlie
  • Email: ajax at redhat dot com

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 11
  • Last updated: 2009-04-17
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

1.6 is released upstream and built in rawhide. Further bugfixes may prompt 1.6.x point releases, which we'll continue to integrate.

Detailed Description

Mostly performance and stability fixes relative to 1.5.x X servers. Details in the Release Notes section below.

Benefit to Fedora

Better performance and stability over 1.5.x. Enhanced dynamic configuration abilities. Better ingredients, better pizza.


xorg-x11-server package, rebuilds of the various drivers for ABI changes, and the various command line utility companion packages.

Test Plan

The usual broad suite of hardware in our test pile, combined with end-user feedback.


None, really.

Contingency Plan

Reverting to 1.5.x really isn't an option, but the core server upgrade itself is pretty stable. Other X features (like the continued KMS work) are not considered here.


As below...

Release Notes

The new X server now includes RANDR 1.3 support, which adds several new features:

  • Ability to set the primary output
  • Display panning
  • Projective screen transformations

See the manual page for the xrandr command line tool for details. RANDR 1.3 also adds a fast, side-effect free way of querying display state, which should lead to a faster and less blinky login process.

Input devices now have input properties, which can be configured from within the desktop session without resorting to xorg.conf. See InputDeviceProperties for details.

The X server no longer honors Control-Alt-Backspace as a 'server kill' key combo, unless Option "DontZap" "false" is set in the ServerFlags section of xorg.conf.

The X server will suppress display of the mouse cursor until a client connects and sets a cursor. Most desktop environments and window managers will not be affected. The xsetroot command's -cursor_name option can be used to set a cursor.

Several X extensions have been removed upstream, including XFree86-Misc, Extended-Visual-Information, APPGROUP, MIT-SUNDRY-NONSTANDARD, and XTrap. We have attempted to change the few applications using these to their modern replacements. Some applications may warn about missing extensions, but should continue to work correctly.

The X server's SELinux policy support is now automatically enabled when the xserver_object_manager boolean is enabled in the system policy. By default, this is only enabled when using MLS policy, and not in targeted mode.