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Yum Langpack Plugin


A yum plugin that allows langpacks to be automatically installed for your native language when base packages with langpacks get installed.


Current status

  • Targeted release:  ??
  • Last updated: 2010-04-07
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

Detailed Description

Currently when users install packages with langpacks they have to install the langpacks themselves by hand (if they even know about them).

Last year in a related thread on fedora-devel-list Bill Nottingham posted an initial proof of concept of this plugin. This feature will polish that further and make it ready for general use. (See also this rfe bug.)

This feature will also allow firefox and thunderbird to earn langpacks as they deserve.

Here is an outline of the design and current assumptions:

  1. install plugin (langpack language defaults to current locale)
  2. when user activates yum (eg through PackageKit) the plugin will check if langpacks are needed or available for the packages involved in the transaction
  3. keep conditional lang support entries in comps for now and maybe drop them in a later release
  4. package languages can be configured in .conf file

Optional/longer term ideas (deferred for later).

  1. allow for whitelisting/blacklisting of specific langpacks
  2. setting for which langs appear by default in gdm lang top menu (rfe bug)
  3. recommendation for Packaging Guideline for standard naming of langpacks (eg <basename>-langpack-<lang>)
  4. (longterm) extend to handling gettext translation .mo files

Benefit to Fedora

Users will get langpacks for their language installed automatically if they wish.


  1. Complete initial yum plugin and package [done]
  2. Add yum-plugin-langpacks package to fedora [done]
  3. Include in comps [done: added to @base]
  4. Fedora QA Test Day in Feb [done]
  5. Tweaks, improvements, bugfixes [done]

Test Plan

Test various scenarios

  • Do a Japanese Fedora install, and then later add kde and eclipse
  • Do English Fedora install and groupinstall some lang support and add openoffice

The effect of yum-langpacks in @base needs testing with:

  • anaconda
  • pungi
  • livecd-tools

User Experience

Installation of langpacks will Just Work.



Contingency Plan

Make yum-langpacks package optional in @base