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Feature Name

Hibernation screens


Add a nice progress screen when hibernating and resuming. Takes away scary technical details for most of us. Also adds a nice look and informative progress indicator.


   * Name: Tom Mannerhagen
   * email: tom dot mannerhagen AT glocalnet dot net

Detailed Description

When invoking hibernation from any point, a graphical progress indicator (possibly themed - and easily user-changeable to another theme) should be shown. This graphical progress indicator could well be possible to 'kill' (via ESC key maybe?) like the boot progress screen, to bring forth the system messages.

When resuming, the same progress indicator used for cold boots, could be used with the additional info that the system is resuming. We stay with known images and indicators which makes people feel at home and safe.

Benefit to Fedora

More professional look and feel. Less scared new-comers used to the comfort of MS Windows.


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