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Systemd 183


Systemd 183 and newer introduce a number of noteworthy features.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 18
  • Last updated: 2012-05-30
  • Percentage of completion: 75%

Systemd 183 has been built in rawhide, and includes all the features described in this page.

Detailed Description

  • Starting with systemd 183, udev has been merged into systemd. The udev daemon is now installed as /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-udevd.
  • Systemd and logind provide APIs for scheduled shutdown, as well as suspend and hibernate. This also includes inhibiting logic
  • Hardware watchdogs are supported.
  • The default terminal emulation for ttys is now vt102
  • The readahead logic has been improved.
  • A new systemd-delta utility has been added.
  • Systemd is now used in the initramfs produced by dracut.
  • Systemd now includes a testsuite (based on the dracut testsuite).

Benefit to Fedora

Fedora stays at the forefront of init system development. Systemd in the initramfs makes debugging and analyzing early boot easier. The systemd testsuite can be very useful for autoqa.


  • Included in systemd 183 or newer in rawhide (DONE)
  • Dracut needs to be changed to use systemd in the initramfs (DONE)
  • The new shutdown/suspend/inhibit APIs should be used by gnome-session [patch], gnome-shell [patch] and gnome-settings-daemon [patch]
  • The offline system update framework should be used by PackageKit, this also requires some changes to gnome-packagekit and gnome-shell

How To Test


User Experience



Packages that depend on new features and APIs introduced in systemd 183 include:

  • dracut (systemd in initramfs)
  • gnome-session (shutdown/suspend/inhibit APIs)
  • gnome-settings-daemon (shutdown/suspend/inhibit APIs)
  • PackageKit (offline systemd updates)

Contingency Plan

Since systemd 183 is already in rawhide and working, the only risk is that some of the integration (in dracut, gnome-session or PackageKit) might not be completed in time for F18. In that case, we'll defer the use of the new features until F19.


  • The systemd [NEWS] file explains the new features in more detail
  • Offline system updates are [documented] on the systemd wiki
  • systemd-delta has a [man page]

Release Notes

Fedora 18 includes systemd 183.

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