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Fedora Bots

The Fedora Project has an IRC Bot named cluebot. cluebot is a mozbot , and is owned by MaxKanatAlexander.

For general help on using cluebot, just say:

cluebot help

in a /msg.

cluebot has many features, the most valuable of which are his abilities to interact with Bugzilla .

In the #fedorabot channel, cluebot reports up-to-the-minute changes on Fedora bugs. He reports all new bugs coming in, all bugs being resolved, and all new attachments being attached to bugs. This is particularly useful if you'd like to triage incoming bugs. cluebot is highly configurable as to what he will report -- if you'd like him to report other things

Also, if you say "bug 123456" in a channel that cluebot is in, cluebot will print out some details about that bug, to make it easier to talk about bugs in the channel.

Finally, cluebot can also do quick bug searches. Just say something like:

cluebot openoffice PDF bugs

And cluebot will search for all bugs with "openoffice" and "PDF" in the summary.

cluebot has many, many other features that you can take advantage of. See the help.

The nick fedorabot is also available to someone wanting to make a Fedora bot. Contact JohnMahowald if the nick registration hasn't expired yet.