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Release Party Fedora 23


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[|Web Software Freedom Day]

[|SFD-Libertad de Software]

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Date: Saturday January 23, 2016

Opening hours: 13:30 to 20:00 hrs

Address: Fray Juan Torquemada #76, Colonia Obrera, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, México, Distrito Federal, C.P. 06800.

Location: Hackerspace Rancho Electrónico

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Poster of the event

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Invitation to the event

It is a free event open to all public to be sharing your experience as a user of an application or the like free software operating system

Event Description

Event Owners

Fedora Representatives

Event Schedule


  • Give Fedora 23 DVD's with 64/32 bits "Spins"
  • Give Fedora logo labels for dissemination of Use
  • Leaf with basic commands Fedora
  • Provide paper and workshop using Fedora 23
  • Installfest Fedora 23
  • Invite Attendees of the event to register with the FAS
  • Banner sight Fedora Project

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Event Report

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