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Linux Boot Campaign 1.0


Basic Linux Introduction with Fedora 14 Desktop

When and Where

February 12, 2011, Saturday, starting around 1 PM

Venue: Daffodil International University, 102, Sukrabad, Mirpur Road, Dhaka - 1207, Bangladesh.


  • What is Open Source and Free Software: Open Source Philosophy, Difference between Open Source Software and Free Software.
  • Linux Introduction: What is Linux? Why Linux? Whom Linux?
  • Fedora Desktop Preview, Software Preview, Shell Preview: Graphical Desktop, Command Line Desktop and Various Linux Software preview.
  • Software Installation: Installing various Software and Drivers, Talk about Package Manger etc.
  • FOSS Alternatives (Switching to FOSS): Open Source Alternatives of Various popular Windows Software which will help people to switching to Linux from Windows.
  • Support Talk, Site, Forum, IRC
  • Questions and Answers


Everyone is welcome