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Fedora Events: FACTFest

  • FACTFest - FArmingdale Computer Technology Festival
  • The Computer Technology Club presents FACTFest coming November 17, 2006 in Rosevelt Hall at Farmingdale State.
  • FACTFest is an annual technology festival with a varying focus, within the scope of technology; it is intended for professionals and enthusiasts. Please see our Event Schedule for information about the event.
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  • November 17, 2006 (Friday)



  • SamFolkWilliams

At this event I am going to give two thirty minute talks. The first one will be an introduction to the Fedora Core 6 desktop. I will highlight changes in Fedora Core 6 for current Fedora users, and also go over some Linux desktop basics for new/prospective Linux users. The desktop focus will be on Gnome. The second talk will be an introduction and demonstration of Xen in Fedora Core 6.