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Fedora Events: FOSDEM 2006 Report

By ThomasCanniot on 2006-02-26

Hi everybody, FOSDEM is over, here is my report ! :)

FOSDEM was held the 25 and 26th of February in Brussels (in Belgium).
Even if it is a developer event, many users were there as well asking
many questions about free software in general.

We were four speaking for Fedora on the booth: Frederic Hornain (from
Belgium), Andreas Kupfer (from Germany), Matthias Saou (from France,
Canada and Spain), and myself Thomas Canniot (from France). We had no
presentation in any auditorium.
Many people came to talk about Fedora Core and asked some questions
about it. We can retain that few questions were still about our
relationship with Red Hat. Others asked whether Fedora Core was a new
distro, because they haven't heard of it before. Maybe Frederic will add
some comments on this discussion.

I could also give the flyers we made this week but I didn't that FOSDEM
visitors mostly speak English however, the flyers were in French (as
Belgium is a French speaking Country). So I really need to translate
them into English.

For my part, I *only* came on Sunday, with my computer with FC5T3 on
it. Most of users were very interested with the next release and I was
proud to show them that FC5 is going to be a great one. We had only good
feedbacks for Pirut and Pup. Some users were also very interested in the
system-config-control package. Some of them asked questions about the
new logo, and some of them disliked it. But, be relieved, a majority of
people told that the new artwork was good stuff!

I also took advantage of the booth to stick handouts everywhere
written "Kadischi show every hour!" on them, as I was suggested to do so
in the last thursday meeting. This worked fantasticaly! As kadischi is
not very known yet, many users came and asked "What is Kadischi show?".
As they had a good question, we had a good answer :) Many people wanted
to *see* Kadischi running, i.e building the livecd, and I built about 6
livcds on the whole day (I arrived at 9.30am and left at 5pm - with
lunchtime of an hour or so). They were also very interested in the
customization it allows. Some features were asked as well about it and I
will contact Chitlesh Goorah for it. Showing Kadischi there was more
than successful.

Photos of the booth and the event in general are available from:
<a href=""></a>
Fedora Booth is shown in the 9 first photos.

More photos about FOSDEM 2006 (no Fedora booth in them):
<a href=""></a>


Thomas Canniot

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