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FOSDEM'08 Fedora presentations: YaakovNemoy

Smolt and Web Application Privacy


This presentation will go over some of what Smolt can do for you and your Linux distribution. It will also cover some of the privacy issues related to Smolt, how they are solved using standard security features, and how they can be used in other web applications.


This presentation is useful to

  • Linux Distribution Maintainers
  • Hardware Developers
  • Security and Privacy Professionals
  • Web Developers
  • People with Unicorn Tattoos

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YaakovNemoy is a new developer for the Fedora Project. He started working for Fedora in the Summer of 2007. He currently develops Smolt, a hardware profiler and analyzer, and is beginning work on Haskell Packaging for Fedora. In his spare time, he goes to university and studies Germanic Languages. He currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and enjoys biking, playing with his cats and cooking.

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