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About KGEC Install Fest

Kalyani Govt. Engineering College( KGEC) has quite a large base of students interested in linux . This install fest, organized by the Linux Users of the college, is a starting point for spreading the use Linux. Fedora is be the distro that will be used in the install fest. Students will be shown how to install and administer Fedora system. They will be helped to get Fedora installed on their system and get it to do whatever they want it to.

Date and Location

  • 21st February 2009
  • Location: Kalyani Govt. Engineering College, India


  • Introduction to Fedora project
  • Fedora Installation on systems
  • Workshop on administrating fedora

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Fedora People

FOSS Developers

  • Shreyank Gupta
  • Mitesh Sharma


  • Around 100 DVDs and/or live cds for distribution and installation


  • Successfully concluded with huge success, lot of participants and about 150 free media distributed.

Report Links

  • Arindam Ghosh
  • Subhodip Biswas   
  • Ratnadeep Debnath
  • Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury

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