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Fedora 10 release party and Fedora Install Fest - Vrsac , Serbia

First Fedora release party and Fedora install Fest in Serbia

When and Where

  • potentionally 27.12.2008
  • Vrsac, Serbia


Fedora 10 release party and linux (Fedora) Install Fest in Serbia (Introduction in Fedora Project, and Promoting Fedora to additional users)


Speaking about

  • introduction in GNU, Open Source, Free Software (FOSS)
  • introduction in Fedora Project (about goals, freedom, community...)

othere talkers:

  • Sity mayor speak (about welcome),
  • Secretary for telecommunications and Information society of Serbia,(?)
  • FSN Serbia (Free Software Network Serbia)- Ivan Jelic, chairman
  • talkers from Red Hat Regional Centre For Support, Research and Development in Vrsac, Serbia,
  • GNUzila journal for popularizing FOSS - Ivan Jelic, journalist
  • Serbian Translation Team Coordinator - Milos Komarcevic,(?)


  • snacks & drinks
  • Install Fest (installing Fedora to final users in cooperation with help of some Serbian LUGs, and FOSS groups)


(?) (?) (?)

'dedlines is not closed yet'

Necessarily Stuffs:

  • Personal EventBox
  • EEEPC or similar (if possible)
  • Polos for contributors
  • posters, stickers...
  • i386 - Install DVD
  • x86_64 - Install DVD
  • ppc - Install DVD
  • i386 - Install CDs
  • x86_64 - Install CDs
  • ppc - Install CDs


Ferenc Pravda