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Fedora Events: Introducing FOSS to school schildren and Fedora 11 install fest

  • Introducing Free and Open Source Software
  • Fedora Desktop
  • Fedora Education Spin
  • OLPC
  • Fedora Sinhala desktop and other localized FOSS products including Firefox

Install fest will be on 12th June 2009 with...

  • Fedora 11 installation
  • How to use Fedora 11 Edu Spin
  • package management
  • network configuration
  • user management, etc

This event is organized by the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka.


  • 11th and 12th of June 2009


  • Wilgamuwa CRC, Central Province, Sri Lanka

Trarget Audience

  • IT Directors of MoE
  • School IT teachers and school students in Wilgamuwa area.