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vFUDCon : Virtual Fedora Users Developers Conference

vFUDCon is the virtual conference/summit that focuses on the Fedora Project and all things that go along with it. This includes infrastructure issues, both technological and govermental/intermutual, development issues, community issues, marketing issues and the state of the project address.

vFUDCon focuses mainly on conferences which was made by any means of multimedia devices.

Next vFUDCon

Planning in progress...

Project Leaders

  • ChitleshGoorah
  • ThomasCanniot
  • DamienDurand

How to Organise YOUR vFUDCon

Any ambassador can create his/her vFUDCon any time, any where and with any multimedia devices he/she may want.

Also, the ambassador may choose to set any default language of his/her vFUDCon. However it is requested from the ambassador that he/she should at least present (in a wiki page) his/her vFUDCon in English.

For the best of the conference, it is recommended that the ambassador works with his/her colleagues ambassadors for various reasons.

Materials at disposal

IRC Channels in : #fedora-fr-meeting

  • #fedora-fudcon

This channel is registered by ChitleshGoorah. But he is willing to share it with whom ever needs it for the vFUDCon.

Where to advertise

Depending on the language and the title of the vFUDCon, the ambassador in charge will advertise wherever he or she wants.

after your vFUDCon

Like any other events, a report in English on the particular event might be sent to the Fedora Ambassador mailing list.

Previous vFUDCon

  • Scheduled on the 27th of April 2006 at 18:45 UTC (at 20:45 in Paris/France)

Title in French: Comment contribuer en tant que français à Fedora - réflexion sur une mise en place d'un cadre adapté aux non-anglophones.

Language : French

Learn more about this upcoming vFUDCon here along with its log files in french.