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26th of July, 2012

  • Theme: Fedora Project show
    • Language: Spanish only
    • Topics:
      • What is Linux and GNU or BSD licenses as well as software patents problems
      • What is Fedora and who is maintains it
      • What makes it special compared Fedora other systems such as Windows, Mac OS X?
      • Who uses Fedora
      • Fedora on research
      • Info, where request help, contribute on Project Fedora, mentors contacts and others community volunteers
  • Country: Spain
    • Google Maps Street View:
    • Place: Biblioteca insular de Arrecife.
    • Street: Alcalde Gines de La Hoz
    • Number: 20
    • Zip code: 35500 Arrecife de Lanzarote
    • Hours: 11:00-13:00
    • Estimated Attendance: >100

If you need more info about this event, please contact me at this mail: netSys <at> fedoraproject <stop> org

Why this event SUSPENDED?

That event is suspended because in place where I would hold a Fedora Show and Installation Party are setting up air conditioning & have been banned realise any event there.

In addition to, at this year, on Spain thanks new goverment that don't stop cuts and want impose this place (because is public maintained by "Canary goverment") a some taxes, that all want use your rooms must pay.... lol

I'm feeling sad because I cannot realise this event. I hope, at September, October... I can do shows on public high school (if this government don't terminate its function of teaching and closes it.)