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Fedora: Opening Core

The Goal

By Fedora 7, we want to move all Core packages into the community infrastructure currently used for Fedora Extras.

Why Open Core?

The primary benefits are to lower barrier for community involvement, allow comaintainership of packages.

Potential Issues

  • We will break access to RH folks who don't have Fedora accounts. Make sure they create them.
  • RH folks will need to work in two places. Deal.
  • We have ACLs within internal CVS, but not within external CVS. We'll need to create these ACLs at some point.
  • Maintaining ACLs can be a pain in the ass. We'll need to have good tools.
  • Review of Core packages could take a while. Give ourselves plenty of lead time, and a deadline.
  • Defining approval process for formerly Core packages.

Action Items

Task Name Project Lead Target Date Notes
Priority 1
Present plan to RH management JeremyKatz 2006-11-16 We're pretty sure that Red Hat management is ready to make this move, but we need to go over our plans with them, just in case.
Present plan to FESCO RexDieter 2006-11-16 Discuss goals of this project at the next FESCO meeting, and discuss how FESCO's role expands/changes
Drive RH package maintainers to create accounts at fp.o JeremyKatz asap In order to make the switchover, all Red Hat engineers who maintain packages in Core must create accounts in the Fedora accounts system, just like all other contributors do.
Physical movement of all packages from Core CVS to External CVS JesseKeating after new build system is complete We will allow some Core packagers to move a handful of leaf node packages into External CVS, but the bulk of this work will need to take place in one big move. Jesse, build master extraordinaire, will coordinate this move.
Drive NEEDSREVIEW for all packages moving from Core CVS to External CVS WarrenTogami FC7test2 It may be impractical to review every single package immediately upon its move to External CVS, but we will *definitely* need to ensure that all packages *are* reviewed prior to release. Likely to use a NEEDSREVIEW file in CVS, but this is Warren's item to drive.
Priority 2
Autogenerating ACLs for CVS N/A N/A At some point, we'll need to have a handful of packages that have write access restricted. To do this, we may pull some bits dynamically from the package owner list... but we've got time to figure this one out.

Closed Items

Task Name Owner Completion Date Notes
Wiki page for Opening Core task list GregDeKoenigsberg 2006-11-13 Done, obviously :)


  • Always enter dates in ISO-8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD).
Priority Level Key
1 Do it now
2 Do it soon
3 Better late than never
4 Moot