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Fedora 11 Retrospective Attendees

This page holds the names and respresentatives for each of the teams that will be attending the Fedora 11 Retrospective. At the bottom of the page there is also a place for anyone to enter their name if they would like a chance at participating.

  • June 16, 2009 @ 14:00 UTC
  • Call in information will be provided in an email directly to the participants in form of a toll free telephone number (all locations world wide) and a conference access code


  1. Lead: David Nalley
  2. Larry Cafiero -

Fedora Board

  1. Lead: Paul Frields
  2. (name + email)


  1. Lead: Máirín Duffy
  2. (name + email)


  1. Lead: Eric Christensen
  2. John McDonough -


  1. Lead: Jon Stanley
  2. Jarod Wilson (


  1. Lead: Mike McGrath
  2. Ricky Zhou (ricky @ fp.o)


  1. Lead: Jack Aboutboul
  2. Steven Moix -


  1. Lead: James Laska
  2. Edward Kirk

Release Engineering

  1. Lead: Jesse Keating
  2. Josh Boyer


  1. Lead: Dimitris Glezos
  2. (name + email)


  1. Lead: Ricky Zhou
  2. Todd Zullinger (tmz@fp.o)


Please include your name and Fedora Account System (FAS) login name. In order to quality for the lottery you must have a FAS account and be a member of one group (CLA done does not count) and add your information before June 13, 2009 June 15, 2009 @ 07:00 UTC. Five people meeting this criteria will be selected at random and invited to attend.

  1. Edward Kirk - TK009 (winner
  2. Bruno Wolff - bruno (winner)
  3. Scott Seiersen - sseiersen (winner)
  4. Nick Bebout - nb (winner)
  5. Jóhann B. Guðmundsson - johannbg (winner)
  6. Jorge A Gallegos - kad

Other Participants

  1. Fedora Engineering Manager -- Tom "Spot" Callaway
  2. Meeting facilitator -- John Poelstra

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