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Formal Fedora documentation is written by members of the Fedora Documentation Project as DocBook XML files that are then translated by members of the Fedora Localization Project and its individual language teams. The English XML files are transformed into portable object (PO) files and then translated into the many languages that the Fedora Localization Project supports.

One unfortunate side effect of this process is that because the XML files must be complete before translators start work on them, any list of contributors to a document necessarily omits any translators who have worked on the current version of the document. Any such list of translators can only include those who contributed as recently as the previous version.

Therefore, while Fedora 14 documentation itself only credits translators who worked on translating Fedora 13 documentation and before, this page acknowledges the hard and extremely valuable work that the Fedora Localization Project has done on Fedora 14 documentation. Translators credited here will also receive credit in the Fedora 15 versions of documents that include a list of contributors.

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