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This page is for keeping track of press regarding the Fedora 14 release. Please contribute!

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Date Article Location Author Language Notes
date here article URL name of publication or site author language notes or comments
2010-11-17 Spotlight on Linux: Fedora 14 Linux Journal Susan Linton English
2010-11-17 Ubuntu vs. Fedora: which is best? techradar.com English
2010-11-16 openrespect.org sorgt für Uneinigkeit Pro-Linux.de Hans-Joachim Baader German
2010-11-16 Fedora Welcomes in New Management ostatic Susan Linton English
2010-11-15 Fedora Board likely to reconsider SQLNinja, but should they? NetworkWorld Joe Brockmeier English
2010-11-12 Fedora gibt sich Richtlinie für Sicherheitssoftware Pro-Linux.de Hans-Joachim Baader German
2010-11-12 Fedora to Eventually Move to Wayland, Too OS News Thom Holwerda English
2010-11-12 Fedora Scholarship Program to Proliferate Open Source Technology infoTech Spotlight Mini Swamy English
2010-11-12 Blog: Did Ubuntu disrespect Fedora? internetnews.com blogs Sean Michael Kerner English
2010-11-11 Fedora bars SQLNinja hack tool The Register Dan Goodin English
2010-11-10 Red Hat's Fedora 14 Boasts Updated Development Tools, New Virtualization Technology eWeek.com Jason Brooks English
2010-11-09 Fedora 14: Who is Reviewing the Reviewers? Montana Linux Scott Dowdle English
2010-11-07 Fedora 14 Mini-review Linux in Exile blog JH English "As you know, Fedora 14 released this week. I prefer Fedora as my Linux distro, so I downloaded the new version right away. Here is my mini-review. I freaking love it."
2010-11-03 Fedora 14 biedt vooral ontwikkelaar nieuwe tools tweakers.net Dimitri Reijerman Dutch
2010-11-03 Cloud and Virtualization Features set Fedora 14 Apart PC World Katherine Noyes English
2010-11-03 Fedora 14: haven for Ubuntu's homeless GNOMEs Channel Register Scott Gilbertson English
2010-11-03 Four Favourite Fedora 14 Free Features ComputerWeekly.com Adrian Bridgwater English
2010-11-03 Jamie's Mostly Linux Blog: Fedora 14 (Laughlin) released ZDNet UK J.A. Watson English
2010-11-02 Fedora 14 final released with Amazon EC2 support DesktopLinux.com Eric Brown English
2010-11-02 Unter der Haube tut sich was….Die wichtigsten Neuerungen von Fedora 14 linux-community.de Michael Kappes German
2010-11-02 Fedora 14 released with new features for developers ars technica Ryan Paul English
2010-11-02 Fedora 14 freigegeben pro-linux.de Hans-Joachim Baader German
2010-11-02 Fedora 14 Linux Heads to the Cloud Serverwatch Sean Michael Kerner English
2010-11-02 Fedora gets nips and tucks with 14 release The Register Timothy Prickett Morgan English
2010-11-02 Open source software receives a boost with new Fedora release localtechwire English
2010-11-02 Fedora 14 vs. Ubuntu Maverick: Distinct Differences Datamation Bruce Byfield English
2010-11-01 ITworld review: Fedora 14 is leading-edge Linux IT World Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols English
2010-10-28 Fedora 14 Built with Developers in mind Software Development Times Alex Handy English
2010-10-18 Root priveileges through vulnerability in GNU C loader The H Online crve at h-online.com English
2010-10-17 Fedora Uses YubiKey for Strong Two-Factor Authentication IT News Online Brooke Holve English Yubiko press release (makers of YubiKey)
2010-10-04 New Fedora Linux Project Leader Building More Than a Distro CIO Update Sean Michael Kerner English
2010-09-29 Fedora 14 Beta takes Meego for a Spin: Fast without the Ubuntu Fancy The Register Scott Gilbertson English
2010-09-29 Fedora 14 Beta Shaping Up Very Nicely ZDNet UK J.A. Watson English
2010-09-29 Fedora 14 Beta released, adds MeeGo experience ZDNet UK Ben Woods English
2010-09-28 Fedora 14 with SPICE, MeeGo support due in November ZDNet UK Paula Rooney English
2010-09-27 Fedora 14 Preview: What's New in Fedora 14? linux.com Jack Wallen English
2010-09-28 Spicy Fedora 14 adds new Linux Flavor: Polishing the Plumbing LinuxPlanet Sean Michael Kerner English
2010-09-28 Fedora 14 adds MeeGo -- and spiced-up virtualization DesktopLinux.com Eric Brown English
2010-09-28 Fedora 14 Beta Available for Download eWeek.com Farmida Y. Rashid English
2010-09-28 Fedora 14 beta released today, aimed as a tablet operating system NetworkWorld.com Julie Bort English
2010-09-28 Fedora 14 Tests Desktop Virtualization PC World Joab Jackson English
2010-09-28 Beta version of Fedora 14 released The H djwm at h-online.com English
2010-09-15 Fedora 14 to use Upstart not systemd The H trk at h-online.com English
2010-09-13 Simplify LDAP with Fedora's 389 Directory Server Linux.com Jack Wallen English
2010-09-14 FSF Profile: Marina Zhurakhinskaya Free Software Foundation Steven DuBois English Marina is a Red Hat employee. Great picture of her shooting pool with a Fedora-stickered pool ball.
2010-09-02 Calling all Fedora packrats and swag collectors NetworkWorld.com Paul McNamara English
2010-09-02 A guide to Today's Top 10 Linux Distributions PC World Katherine Noyes English
2010-09-01 Ksplice for Fedora Linux now available for Free ZDNet UK apexwm English
2010-08-27 Glibc finally free software The H Open djwm at h-online.com English
2010-08-26 Some Linux Distros Vulnerable to Version of DLL Hijacking Bug threatpost Dennis Fisher English
2010-08-24 Fedora 14 alpha gets ROOT internetnews.com Sean Michael Kerner English
2010-08-24 First pre-release version of Fedora 14 The H Open crve at h-online.com English
2010-08-13 Project Harmony Takes Aim at Open Source Contribution Agreements IT Management Sean Michael Kerner English
2010-08-11 LinuxCon: What is the future of Linux Development? LinuxPlanet Sean Michael Kerner English
2010-08-05 Interview with New Fedora Project Leader Jared Smith Linux.com Henry Kingman English
2010-08-05 Easily browse your activity with GNOME Activity Journal ghacks.net Jack Wallen english
2010-08-02 Red Hat Leads Corporate Contributions to GNOME Desktop Project Red Hat English
2010-07-23 Fisl11: novo líder do projeto diz que Fedora é a solução technologia.terra.com.br Rafael Maia Portuguese (BR, not PT) Article on FISL11
date here article URL name of publication or site author language notes or comments