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Fedora APAC Magazine

In order to make some publicity for fedora related activities in the APAC region we think of publishing a magazine kind of news letter covering major releases. This page is reserved for ideas and its developments.

Please add you ideas and let us grow it BIG.

Dream BIG, Think BIGGER . . . . .

This is a proposal published to the Fedora community focusing APAC region, with subjected to approval from FAmSCo - 2011-05-01

Project Team

Please add your name if you like to contribute towards the magazine. We need writers, designers, proof-readers and many support.

Name - Suggesions

DDL : 6th May 2011

Name Your Name Idea behind the name
Fedora APAC Magazine bckurera consistency with LATAM magazine.
Tutorial kaio Demonstration of design / artistic usage.
Fedora Voice of APAC kalpurush Everything of Fedora in APAC within paper-back


Major release per every major release of Fedora


  • Idea will be forwarded to FAmSCo and then FBoard.
  • We have 3 name suggestions, so we need to select one.
  • DDL for name suggestions - 2011 May 06

Ideas, Suggestions

I can put it all together into magazine form. We can probably get the design team to help Asmartgoat 08:22, 4 May 2011 (UTC)


  • What is this magazine?

We, the APAC FAm community thinks this would be a good opportunity to spread APAC activities. Like a central point to archive our activities. Further this is a online magazine may be in HTML or PDF version.

  • What will be inside?

Event reports/ Articles about Fedora / Tutorials/ How to/ News, updates/ Interviews and more

  • Why APAC?

We are not restricted to APAC only. The space is open for anything related Fedora. BUT special focus would be on APAC. Because the motivation behind this is to make fedora popular among APAC people. (Eg: LATAM Fedora Magazine)