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What is it ?

"Fedora Availability Initiative" is a way by which Fedora can be made available at minimal cost(CD/DVD + Burning charges). As Fedora is a free, it is not sold/distributed at shops. The only way to get it till now is either you request a Fedora ambassador for install media or download it from internet.

The "Fedora Availability Initiative" concentrates on distributing the install media via various channels. It also tracks the availability points across globe by documenting them at a single place where anyone can find Fedora availability location nearest to his/her place. This place can be a local LUG (Linux users group), Internet cafe, any individual who can provide it to our interested users.

How to get involved ?

As a ambassador.

As a Fedora ambassador you will be responsible for providing CD/DVD images to internet-cafes, individuals and LUGs who are ready to burn and sell them. You should responsibly update your chain of install media providers with latest CD/DVD images and posters to display.

As a media provider.

If you want to be a media provider you can contact your nearest Fedora ambassador for CD/DVD images and posters.