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As a major steering commitee under the Fedora Council, FESCo is responsible for selecting a representative that covers the engineering aspects of the Fedora Project. This person is responsible for representing engineering as a collective, and not as a single voice. They will be required to work with all of the various groups that collaborate with FESCo on technical things and act as a liasion between these groups and the Council itself. The role will require a fair amount of time investment and good communication skills. Below is the process for selecting the Council Engineering representative.

Duration of Service

The representative will serve in this role until they wish to step down, or the Council or FESCo wish to replace them. Careful consideration of time commitments should be taken when doing the selection and the Council, FESCo, and the representative should evaluate their effectiveness as a group on a fairly regular basis. In the event that one of the three involved parties wishes to make a change in representative, sufficient reason should be given and then a new representative will be chosen by FESCo.


There will be a one week nomination period open for potential representatives. Nominees can be self-nominated or nominated by others, with the nominee giving a public acknowledgment of interest in the role. People wishing to be nominees should have a solid understanding of FESCo process, the higher level technical processes of the project and sufficient time to perform the duties required. The nominees are not required to be FESCo members. It is recommended that they should be members of one of the engineering focused groups in FAS.

In the event that there are no nominees, FESCo will work with the Council to broaden the search message and request more time. Should no nominees be found after that, the role will rotate among existing FESCo members until the next FESCo election is completed. The nomination period will open again and a search for a new representative will commence.


After the one week nomination period expires, FESCo will discuss the candidates in their public meeting and select the person they believe will be the best fit for the Engineering Representative role. The criteria are flexible and will differ based on many factors which will change over the course of time based on the current project's focus and goals. Nominees are encouraged to attend the meeting to answer any questions that FESCo or other groups may have.

The selected person and the Council will be notified and the person will start serving in that role as soon as possible.