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FED - PA22

Our last face-to-face event was in Dec 2019

We are going to spread knowledge, recruit Fedora users and contributors. The meeting will be in a central location and an inclusive open space. Easy access to students, professionals and the general public.

Double our contributor base. Establish Fedora as the OS that university students use in Panama

Organizador y Conferencistas (Fedora)

Alejandro Perez

Abdel Martinez

Luis Bazan

Luis Segundo

José Reyes

Fecha y Lugar

Descripción de la Ciudad

Learn more about Panama

Schedule (talks)

Topics we would like to talk about:

  1. Open Source (what is that, personal experience)
  2. Fedora, why install it and use it every day. Kernel. etc.
  3. Infrastructure, start managing business environments
  4. Security, SELinux or related.
  5. Containers, Podman.
  6. Equipping my Fedora Linux for a Web Design and Development environment. Community and inclusion.


  • Estimated Attendance: 50-80+

Open Source enthusiasts, students, professionals, and activists