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The Greek Edu Remix is an effort for delivering Fedora to Greek schools.


  1. Christos Bacharakis
  2. Nikos Roussos
  3. Giannis Konstantinidis

Suggested Apps

If you want to suggest an application to be installed, please be sure that the app is linked.

Added Apps

  1. gcompris
  2. childsplay
  3. chlidsplay-alphabet_sounds_el
  4. drgeo
  5. gperiodic
  6. kdeedu
  7. kdeedu-math
  8. tuxtype2
  9. stellarium
  10. flash-plugin
  11. tuxpaint
  12. supertux
  13. vlc (support almost every codec)
  14. kmod-wl (many student netbooks in Greece need this)

Excluded Apps

(Apps that exist in Fedora livecd not needed by Greek Students)

  1. totem (replaced with vlc that supports more codecs)
  2. planner
  3. deja-dup

KickStart file

you can find all the previous kickstart files here:

  1. Kickstart no 1
  2. Kickstart no 2
  3. Kickstart no 3