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Fedora Ported?

Yes, you without only find Fedora such as GNU/Linux distribution. You can locate it as minimal environment to compatibility wit Linux by default on FreeBSD and OpenBSD BSD based operative systems.

What's Fedora version is used on both BSD Operative systems?

FreeBSD's logo

You can check it on (Webpage where is registered all FreeBSD Ports Collection with notes, maintainers links, This Linux Compatibility Layer runs very nice on i386/amd64 (or x86, x86_64 arch) (I haven't tried on others arch yet).

In addition to, you can read a default way to install this compat. environment on FreeBSD's Handbook as says.

Need to add on FreeBSD Handbook (I have notified):

  • # pkg_add -r linux_base-f10 > To add Fedora 10 MBE
  • # pkg_add -r linux_base-fc4 > To add Fedora Core 4 MBE

OpenBSD's logo

You can search on it (Webpage where is registered all OpenBSD Ports with notes, maintainers links, This Linux Compatibility Layer only works on i386 version or called arch x86 too.

You can install over binary way (Highly recommended) or using OpenBSD ports.

  • Binary package
  • Download OpenBSD Ports and install it (make install clean method)