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This is a page that describes policies of the Fedora Project.
For policy pages, accuracy and clarity are important. You are encouraged to edit the wiki to improve it. If you have any substantive changes to make to this page, use the talk page to discuss the changes with other page maintainers. Do this before making the changes.

Deleting a wiki page is a commonly requested action of the wiki czar. This policy covers how to delete pages.

How to delete a page

  1. Add the {{delete|reason}} template to the page, at the top. Please insert the reason for your deletion so the wiki team will have no problem understanding why the page needs to evaporate.
  2. Move the page to the Archive: namespace. Select the move tab at the top of the page, and simply rename the page to include the prefix "Archive:".
    • EXAMPLE: My_ugly_old_page => Archive:My_ugly_old_page
    • EXAMPLE: User:Jpublic/Some_page => Archive:User:Jpublic/Some_page

Pages moved in this way are removed by the wiki team after a two-week cooling-off period.

Urgent deletion

If there is an urgent reason for deleting the page sooner, notify the wiki team by filing a ticket. Urgent reasons include the following:

  • Confidential information has been disclosed on a new page
  • Licensing or other legal issues

Be sure to fill in the "Wiki page" field if you file a ticket.

Alternatives to deletion

There are alternatives to deleting pages. One of these methods may be preferable to deleting the page:

What if I moved my stuff to Pagure or some other non wiki site?

Use a soft redirect. Change the content of the page to "The content of this page has been moved to [https://the/site/ the site]."