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The Fedora RPG is to be a web based social RPG similar to various ones played on Facebook and other "social sites". Players will work on missions and earn "experience points" that can be traded in for online-swag to customize their avatar or other goodies.

Programming Goals

The program will be written using free and open tools which means that Flash, Silverlight, and similar tools will not be looked at. Licensing will be something that is FLOSS.

  • [smooge|smooge] I would prefer if we did not use AGPL. It makes production hard as hot patches and such become a tracking nightmare (see issues surrounding Fedora Community back engine.)

BS Ideas

  • Use javascript+css+svg for client side applications. Use php or python for server side.
  • Have a local webserver/db per "user" which could hold most data with a "allow to share" flags on parts for what is synced up in the "cloud" servers. Users could point towards local service and play local games or setup local items.
  • Resurrect ideas from mugshot for things that people like to share from their desktops?
  • Integrate with drupal and upcoming Fedora Insight to keep number of different CMS engines down?
  • Your ideas go here.

BS Questions

  • How should player growth be tracked? Experience points(XP) is a common tool but does it meet the meme?
  • Looking at XP. Should characters grow linearly or different growth rate?
    • linearly would be something like Level 1 == 1000 XP, Level 2 == 2000 XP, Level 3 == 3000 XP.
      • this is easy to calculate but level inflation can show up quicker.
    • other growth patterns are geometric, exponential, fibonachi or similar ones.
      • A fibonachi one would be like Level 1 == 1000 XP (delta 1000), Level 2 == 2000 XP (delta 1000), Level 3 == 4000 XP (delta 2000), Level 4 = 7000 XP (delta 3000), etc etc.
    • In the end, levels and such should reward effort and unlock new items...
    • but also not stomp over lower level people from earning new things.


4 Jan 2011 Mizmo

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Download Inkscape SVG Source (Fonts needed: ChunkFive and Cantarell)