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Fedora Romanian Spin


This spin is intended to be a Romanian localized spin that provides an office suite alternative that includes, Thunderbird and Lightning. It will be based on the Fedora Desktop Spin but with a revised package list.


  • Name: Adrian Joian
  • email: <adrian dot joian -at- fedoraproject dot ro>

Detailed Description

This spin is intended to be focused on the localized Desktop and Office applications that can help Romanians to easily interact with the Fedora distribution at there work place. Our target is Fedora 13 - that will include the first translation of in Romanian - and an 1Gb live Usb deliverable. Besides the usual Desktop spin software, like Evolution we will introduce Thunderbird and Lightning, a few Gnome tweaks here and there, but else we will focus on keeping this spin as similar as possible to the Fedora Desktop LiveCD.

Benefit to Fedora

Creating a localized Spin for Romania started as a normal feedback from the users that compose the Romanian Community and there needs for a complete desktop/office/work distribution. A Romanian spin would also be very helpful when at ambassadorial tasks as meetings and install fests the live usb would be used to deploy and promote Fedora. Moreover supporting the idea of a Fedora Romanian Spin we have two major LUGs and official Romanian Fedora mirrors arlug and rlug behind us offering space and bandwidth.

Kickstart File

Since the Spin is not officially accepted I'll attach the kickstart file here.

ISO Name / FS Label

  • ISO Name: Fedora_Ro-$release-$arch-Live.iso
  • FS-Label: Fedora_Ro-$release-$arch-Live


No dependencies are required, the spin will include only software already existing software from Fedora repositories. The only notable case is, which is translated into Romanian only for Fedora 13 (rawhide)

Scope / Testing

Generally, the spin should boot into a Romanian language translated environment and have input settings for the Romanian keyboard. The nightly builds will make testing quite easier.

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Fedora, acum și în limba română.

Spin description

The Romanian Language spin is a Free desktop aimed at the Romanian language speakers. It is a Live image intended to offer an as good as possible localized experience, showcasing the latest advancements in Free and Open Source Software but also the work to translate and localize it.


  • Will be done later in the release cycle, using the same artwork as the default spin

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  • For now nothing specific here

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