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Why OLPC/XO/Sugar is cool

What needs to happen to take make OLPC/XO/Sugar successful

What does this have to do with Fedora

The OLPC XO has always run Fedora. However this was often essentially a remix as numerous hacks and changes were required to get Fedora working properly on the XO. Day forward the OLPC is striving to run a stock Fedora installation - merging the optimizations and changes upstream. Now more than ever, OLPC is very tightly tied to Fedora.

How you can help

How do I get a OLPC XO

Fedora is now running the North American Developer XO program, and it's being administered by the NA regional Ambassador coordinators.

If you do not wish to help Fedora develop or package OLPC activities, you can usually purchase an OLPC XO is second hand through venues such as eBay. Historically OLPC has sold XOs during the winter holiday season in a program known as Give 1 Get 1 (G1G1).


Contributors working on making sure Fedora continues to work well on the XO are welcome and may receive an XO at no cost. The threshhold that is currently set is maintaining a sugar-* or a package that was formerly OLPC specific.

Sugar Activities

Developing Sugar activities is one of foundational things to assuring the success of Sugar as an educational platform and OLPC. Rather than going and developing activities on a whim, we are focused in the next 6 months on finishing a set of activities that fulfills a 4th grade math curriculum. Working to develop one of these activities is a relatively simple means of getting a developer XO

While it may be obvious to those with experience in F/LOSS development, Activity development can't be done in isolation. In that regard - you'll need to create a wiki page for your proposed activity on Once that page exists you should link to it from the appropriate learning objectives as well as posting to sugar-devel mailing list.

The list for 4th grade math is now active. The FourthGradeMath list at, that Greg set up, has been active since 14 February 2009.


Late in 2008 OLPC assigned roughly 75 XOs to Fedora contributors who agreed to perform QA. The hope is that most of those contributors will continue to work on QA for OLPC/Fedora and as such there is small demand for additional QA XOs. The people who would be ideal to receive an XO as a part of the QA efforts would have substantial time to work on performing QA and preferably have experience doing so.