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Fosscomm 2012

When and Where

5-6 May 2012, Serrai, Greece

Fosscomm 2012 site (mostly in Greek)

Proposed Talks and WorkShops

You can propose a talk or a workshop till 29/3 where we are going to discuss and accept the talks/workshops on our community meeting.

Name Description Type (talk/workshop) Owner
Fedora in education A presentation related on how fedora can apply in high-school Talk Christos Bacharakis
Fedora RPM Packaging Step-by-step RPM hands-in packaging Workshop Nikos Roussos
Fedora Xen Virtualization Prepare,install & configure fedora for xen virtualization Workshop
Fedora 17 Transfer from ext3/ext4 to btrfs(default fs in fedora 17) from zero up to a successful dualboot working system Workshop
Fedora 16-17 Present some basic changes and new cool staff Presentation Christos Bacharakis and Dimitris Glaros

Items to Bring

  • Demo laptops
    • Laptop / EEEpc 900 (bach)
    • EeePC 1001HA (gkon)
    • OLPC (hsgr)
  • Swag - Placed an order for stickers and button supplies
    • Fedora 16 LiveCDs
      • Bring some Greek Edu Remix DVDs (?) (gkon)
    • Stickers
    • Flyers
      • Support Flyers
      • Translation Flyers
      • A4 3-folded flyers
    • Cheat Cubes (?) (gkon)
    • Live USB Creator Station (gkon)
    • Infinity-Freedom-Voice A4/A3-sized Posters (bach)
    • 4 Foundations A1-sized Poster (gkon)

Booth Personnel

Name Booth setup Saturday Sunday Clean-up Comments
Christos Bacharakis X X X X
Dimitris Glaros X X X X
Giannis Konstantinidis X X X X
Nikos Roussos X X X X
Pantelis Sarantos X X X X