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Fosscomm 2014

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FOSSCOMM is the annual meeting of Greek FOSS Communities. Every year we meet, share our knowledge, news regarding our favourite projects, run a lot of sessions and of course workshops. FOSSCOMM is a really good place for seeking contributors while there are a lot of hackers and developers who come to contact their favourite projects. This year it will be hosted in Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Lamia. Estimated attendance (according to the previous years) is set at ~500 people.

Website: | FOSSCOMM 2014

Schedule: TBA

When and Where


Technological Educational Institute (TEI), Lamia, Greece



Fedora presence

We will prepare an introduction to fedora.NEXT. We will also organize some workshops. See the following table for more information:

Name Description Type (talk/workshop) Owner
An intro to An introduction to initiative Talk Zacharias Mitzelos - Giannis Bonatakis
Build you own Fedora Distro using Okeanos~ Build you own Fedora Distro using Okeanos~ Workshop Xristos Bacharakis

Status: Booth and presentations confirmed

Fedora Project Attendees

Booth Personnel

Name Booth setup Saturday Sunday Clean-up Comments
Dimitris Glaros x x x x
Zacharias Mitzelos x x - -
Nestos Theophrastou x x x x
Spiros Kaftanis x x x x

Here you can find some items to bring with you

Event Report

(Will be posted after the event)